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Planning a wine tour in Orange County, CA?

Planning Your Next Wine Tour

Southern California especially in Temecula, has grown some of the finest wine grapes in the world since the 18th century. The Spanish missionaries were the first immigrants into the new world to discover that the rich California soil was conducive to producing fine wine to rival those in Europe. Today, technical jargon like latitudinal span, topographical variations and micro-climate explain why California has the perfect environment. “The Golden State”  is now a world leader in producing wine and most wineries are family run businesses. California is home to ½ of all the wineries in the United States and produces ninety percent of the total United States wine product. Our wine business creates jobs, generates revenue for the state and exports wine to over 100 foreign countries. Orange County is one of the first stops for wine tasting and brewery tours in addition to the Northern California wineries.

Although brewery and wine tours provide an incredible experience any time of the year, the summer is one of the busiest times for wine tours in Orange County. This is in addition to the month of September when we celebrate an entire month of wine education and wine tasting in “The Golden State”. It is the best time for harvesting because the climate is just right and everyone just loves the experience. This September will make the 9th “California Wine Month” and we are all looking forward to the festivities.  There are tons of wineries to tour in Orange County and throughout California, plus vineyard walks to attend, special events and wine festivals during the celebration month. If you are flexible in your dates and planning an Orange County wine tour, September would be an ideal time to fly in and attend … on the other hand, Orange County wine tours are popular anytime of the year. If you are planning a visit this summer or fall season, now is an awesome time to schedule your wine tour. We have incredible tour packages that will make the occasion more affordable for your vacation.

Orange County Wine Tours | OC to anywhere in Southern CA

Ace Transportation Services can take you to any of the wineries in Orange County, San Diego County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County and San Bernardino, CA. Wine tours from Orange County to Temecula are one of our most popular packages, though we are also in comfortable proximity for wineries north of Los Angeles and in the Ramona / San Diego areas. You can schedule long distance tours and weekend getaways to any of these vineyards. Just let us know your special plans and we will do our best to accommodate you!

You can browse our website for the exact locations that you can mix and match for wine tours that are specific to your palate, or you can visit several wineries in one locale to learn more about why they are most noted. For example, you can visit wineries in Orange County, San Diego OR Temecula for a day, or you can wine taste in Orange County AND Los Angeles for a day. It is best to try to keep the locales close, though our company does offer weekend and extended services for wine enthusiasts that want to tour a larger group of vineyards from Orange County to more north or south. So many of our wine growers and vintners honor the Golden state with special tasting tours and are proud of their friendly sustainable practices. It really is possible to take days to explore different techniques and flavors. Most of our Southern California wineries have close accommodations as well as outdoor tasting patios, catered meals / restaurants and places to shop after wine tasting.

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