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6 Steps to Perfect Wedding Service

LA Limousine, Los Angeles Wedding Limousine Service

Picking out the right limousine for weddings, bachelor parties and bachelorette parties, is one of the important parts of planning for a wedding. Before you decide on what wedding limousine, we suggest that you read this guide for a few things to consider.

Use this guide to help you decide what is the right LA Limo for you.

1. Find the Right LA Wedding Limousine

Before you start calling all of the LA Limo Companies, think about the type of limousine you are looking for rather it be a Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln town car stretch, navigator, hummer limo or you might want to even include a LA Party Bus to shuttle around your guest. What ever it maybe these are things to take into consideration.

2. Consider Your LA Limousine Budget

Depending on how long your wedding ceremony might last it really doesn’t make any sense to book 12 hours of LA Limo Service when you only need 5. You will also have to think about your bridesmaids, groomsmen and what ever other guest may need to be chauffeured around in a limousine or bus. Once you have this figured out it would be safe to say maybe book two hours more than you estimate just to be sure you don’t run out of limousine time for your special day or have to make a call to book more time.

3. Think About The Kind Of Taste You Have

You might already have an idea on what type of La Limousine you would like for your wedding, but are unsure of a few things. You can surf our website to look at pictures of wedding limousines or check out pictures from one of your friends weddings and this will help you get an idea on your true taste for your LA Wedding Limo. While picking the kind of limo you will also want to take into consideration the design and it’s interior to see if it fits your standards such as elegant, traditional or party theme.

4. Think Of Your Destination

Where you are going to have your wedding? Is it going to be bright white or more on the darker side? When you arrive and leave the church, people will want to take pictures of you and your spouse, so you may want to think about the color of your LA Wedding Limousine and decide if it will work for your location destinations rather it be white or black.

5. Consider Your Dress & Formal Wear

You may already have picked out your wedding dress or not, either way it is important to think if your wedding dress is going to match with the limousine style as well as your groom’s formal wear. Are you wearing an all white dress and he all black or a cream color tuxedo/suit. Let’s just say a purple or pink limousine interior will not cut it with any of these colors. You should think about your bridesmaids & groomsmen if you are providing limousine service for them as well. Are your colors going to match with inside of the wedding limousine or bus. This is something to keep in mind for pictures.

6. Write Everything Down

The last step here is super important because you wanna make sure you get everything in writing for your special day such as your LA Wedding Limo Quote and what type of wedding transportation you want to book for your wedding day. Make sure to book in advance because LA Limos  book fast and you may miss out on the limo or party bus you wanted for your wedding day.

Book with us months in advanced if possible, though keep in mind that we do often have black Lincoln Town Car limousines available for last minute plans. Fill out a Quote Request Online or call us at 949 333-2745.

We look forward to providing you with your Southern California Wedding Transportation in Los Angeles (LA), Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego County areas.

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